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State Lines

Voyages et infos locales
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Because some things change when you cross the line...Compiled after over 9+ years of full time RV road-tripping across the USA, State Lines is an indispensable traveler’s guide to highly variable state laws and regulations.
Currently State Lines tracks over 55 pieces of travel relevant information for each of the 50 states; including cell phone & texting bans, seat belt & child safety seats, state sales tax & exemptions, gas/diesel taxes, bottle deposits, time zones, towing & RV specific laws, rest area overnight parking limits, state park camping entrance fees, default speed limits, radar detectors, highway emergency #s, alcohol sales laws & taxes, smoking bans, open container laws, pet leash laws, bicycle helmet laws, motorcycle laws (helmet, lights, eye protection & lane sharing), left turns on red, u-turns, keep right and more.
State Lines is location aware, so it can automatically show you information about nearby states. The entire State Lines database is integrated into the application, so State Lines works when you are out of cellular or WiFi coverage.
When you visit a new state, have you ever wondered:
‣ What restraints for my kids are required in this state?‣ Is the sales tax lower over the next state line?‣ Is the fuel tax cheaper here?‣ Can I buy beer in the grocery stores?‣ Can I overnight in rest areas?‣ Is smoking allowed in restaurants?‣ Are radar detectors legal?‣ Can I make a left turn on red?‣ Are helmets & eye protection required?
State Lines is an essential application for anyone traveling around the United States - whether by RV, car, train, bike, plane, or boat. No matter how you travel, if you’re frequently crossing state lines, you need State Lines.
State Lines is a growing project, and we welcome feedback on ideas for other useful state specific information to include in future versions. Please let us know what else you would like us to track!
NOTE; State Lines is intended to provide an at-a-glance summarized guide to rules and regulations, and it is not an exhaustive legal reference. While every effort has been made to provide quality up to date data, no warranty for accuracy of data is expressed or implied. State Lines assumes no responsibility for how you utilize the data. Keep in mind, local regulations can often override state level rules (so while a state may not have a cell phone ban, a city may - which will not be reflected in State Lines), and laws frequently change. Always verify with the proper authorities before assuming anything.
Gun Laws: Please note, State Lines has not included this feature in a long time. We originally launched with it, but it's a highly complex subject matter and very critical. Since our launch, the app 'Legal Heat' came out which focuses on this one subject, and is regularly updated by gun enthusiast attorneys - the exact people you want tracking these laws. So, we dropped our short summaries of gun laws - we'll leave that to the experts.
We will be keeping State Lines up to date by doing periodic updates to our research - usually twice a year. This is a time consuming manual research process, and we appreciate your patience and understanding that State Lines may be a few months behind new law changes. You can help tho - if you do discover any out-of-date information in State Lines, please contact us at Thanks!